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Human Resources Services

Our mission is to fuel small business success by handling the Human Resources function to allow business owners to focus on growth and longevity.

The Importance of HR in Growing Business

Human Resources is usually an afterthought for most businesses. When growing a successful business, it is important to have a professionally skilled team to assist in eliminating barriers and creating efficiencies.

Our Speciality Areas

Talent Management and Acquisition

You will need to hire the right people the first time around. Ensure you have clear job descriptions and ask the proper questions to vet out the best candidate to join your team. 

Compliance and Auditing

Different industries have different standards. We make sure you have the right documents on file for your employees to meet any compliance requirements your business may have. In the event of audit, it is imperative to be prepared. 

Leadership & Development Training

Are your leaders continuing to grow and build their skills? Your team needs to continue to develop in order to operate at the highest efficiency possible. Continuous training not only develops the skills of your team, but allows camaraderie to be built and relationships within the team to strengthen.


Onboarding & Orientation

Are you starting your new team members on the right foot? Your employees are more successful when they have a clear plan outlined for their training and job duties. Make sure the expectations are clear to alleviate headaches down the road. 

Employee Relations & Investigations

​Investigations can completely break a small business. Do you have a process on how to investigate any concerns your employees bring forward?

Policy & Procedure Creation & Implementation 

As you hire more team members and the business continues to grow, creating policies and procedures becomes crucial as it gives a baseline standard of how operations should be conducted.

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